The Student Justice Project is a coalition of Stanford University students, their parents, and alumni with the goal of educating the Stanford community of the ongoing violation of student rights at Stanford, and protecting our students from University employees who would otherwise violate those rights.

In 2011, several co-founders of the Student Justice Project were involved with an alleged academic dishonesty case

heard by Stanford from June through November 2011. The three students were acquitted but were almost convicted, despite the absence of any evidence against them. The students and their representatives (the OCS 6) observed what they believed to be a systematic violation of student rights protected under Stanford’s 1997 Student Judicial Charter.

Over the course of almost two years, the OCS 6 tried to work with Stanford

University to fix its judicial problems, methodically working through the hierarchy of Stanford supervision, all the way to the Office of the President. Nothing changed.

The Justice Project was born out of the egregious violations of the 1997 Student Judicial Charter first discovered in 2011, and the failure of University officials and Trustees to protect our students.