The Judicial Affairs Controversy
November 2, 2013 – The Stanford Review
by John Luttig
What started last Spring with the release of a case study alleging violations of students’ rights has spiraled into an ongoing controversy pitting the Office of Community Standards against wary student groups, alumni and ASSU Senators. In June 2011, three students were accused of cheating on a Human Biology final. The case ended with acquittal in November the following school year, but not before the three students and their representative went through what they allege to be “pervasive misconduct and wrongdoing that appears systemic to the Office of Judicial Affairs in the handling of these cases.” The group, which included three students and Bob Ottilie ‘77, John Martin ‘80, and Graham Gilmer ‘05, penned a case study detailing their experience, including claims of violations of the Student Judicial Charter of 1997 by the Office of Judicial Affairs (OJA)… read more

Misconduct alleged in Honor Code trials
October 18, 2013 – Stanford Daily
by Catherine Zaw
The Student Justice Project, a group alleging the University has subjected students to a biased judicial affairs process, has compiled testimonials from students, alumni and counsel about the Office of Community Standards (OCS). The statements, released at a press conference on Oct. 17, allege that the University intimidated students charged under the Honor Code and Fundamental Standard in operating a biased system that assumed guilt… read more

Press Conference video Part 01

Press Conference video Part 02

Enforce the Charter
October 17, 2013 – Stanford Daily
by John Martin
As a presiding administrative law judge of the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board, I devote a great deal of time to ensuring due process is observed by the 25 judges I supervise in our administrative hearings. Moreover, as a former deputy federal public defender and criminal defense lawyer, I have dealt with due process at an even higher level of scrutiny… read more

A Response to Dean Griffith from Students L, C and R
May 22, 2013 – Stanford Daily
by Students L, C and R
Dean of Student Life Chris Griffith was a strange choice to provide the University’s response to our case study exposing extensive violations of Stanford’s Judicial Charter by the Office of Judicial Affairs (OJA). Griffith had responsibility for OJA at the time of the study, and therefore seems unlikely to clean house at the department… read more

Letter from the Editor: On Libel, Due Diligence, and Intimidation
May 15, 2013 – Stanford Daily
by Miles Bennett-Smith
I woke up early this morning, rolled over, checked my laptop and opened an email labeled URGENT. It was from a senior University official informing me that The Daily had published a libelous story. Uh oh. The next 10 minutes of my browser history are filled with Google searches for “defamation lawsuits with newspapers,” Supreme Court case briefs and blogs on libel… read more

Case study finds flawed, slanted judicial process
May 13, 2013 – Stanford Daily
by Marshall Watkins
Students subject to the University’s judicial process may be exposed to a system implicitly slanted towards finding respondents guilty and willfully indifferent to rights enshrined in the Student Judicial Charter of 1997, according to a case study of a 2011 judicial proceeding… read more

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